About Us




Founded in 2016, darkFlash was composed of DIY PC builders and gaming enthusiasts.From design to manufacture,
from cooling system, case fans to gaming chairs and desks, we've come a long way to perfect ourselves on style and details.

We believe, sticking to what we set out to do, no matter how long it would take, we would eventually become legends.




As gamers ourselves, following the map of our dreams, we kept on moving forward on the road of designing, manufacturing the best PC building components. Although we did run into some obstacles along the way, the thoughts of connecting PC building enthusiasts, gamers all around the world are what keeps us going no matter what. In the past decade, we communicated with factories, worked on product optimization and market evaluation, finally came up with the optimal design we were looking for, and thus, darkFlash was born.




darkFlash's unique design vision resembles the Beacon in the night, shines ever so brightly, catches everyone's eyes. "The best gaming experience" is what we stick to ever since, and we expect this enthusiasm to keep on shining.




With passion and our profession, we create unique and user-friendly products to guarantee our customer's user experience. A wide variety of product line provides gamers products that fit their personality.



Research and Development established in Taiwan, company branch located in Korea, and Guangzhou combined the strength from all around the globe. With great quality and reasonable pricing, we took the market by storm and were awarded the Newegg Honors 2020 Eggie Award Winners, Best Seller, APAC.




From design to manufacture, from style to detail, we insist on providing the best to the market. We have product lines across all sorts of components such as PC case, cooler, fans, and armchairs. Since 2016, darkFlash was sold all around the world, and building our reputation one step at a time.