• ce86327

darkFlash wins another honor!

We are very proud to announce that Modders-Inc, a well-known PC parts review site since the early 2000s, has honored us with the "EDITOR'S CHOICE" award. Although this award is just a little part of the vast world of PC cases, it sure is a huge step for darkFlash.


Right from the start, our goal is to produce cases with the highest of quality and smart design, so well made that it seems impossible to be in this price range.

We intend to try something different from the market, so we decided on the vertically hanging GPU design, which prevents graphics card sagging and allows the front cooling fans to bring fresh cool air directly to the component. The rotated MB also transfers the back cable management to the top, which, quite frankly, simplifies the problem by a lot.

Well, at least we hope our customers can feel what we're trying to accomplish here. :)