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90 degree rotated motherboard, darkFlash DLV22 saves your graphics card and cable management!

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Still looking for the best solution to GPU overheating?

Frustrated about gravity bending your graphics card, potentially damaging it in the future?

Then look no further! The "darkFlash DLV22" is the perfect case for your new budget PC build.

darkFlash tried the creative route this time, creating a PC case with a ''90° rotated motherboard" design, accompanied by the see-through panel on the right side, which can hold up to a maximum of ATX size motherboard, giving PC builders and Gaming PC enthusiasts a whole new perspective of custom PC storage.

Because of the motherboard rotation, the darkFlash DLV22 would have its graphics card "hanged" from the top inside the case.

So, what's the benefit? Well, there's quite a few actually.

First of all, the hanging nature of the GPU in this case solves the never-ending problem in PC building: Graphics card Sagging. Not only that it also allows better thermal solutions for the GPU because the fresh cool air entering from the front panel hits directly onto the GPU.

Secondly, this rotation puts the I/O panel on the top section of the case, providing a much easier and cleaner cable management experience.

Last but not least, darkFlash DLV22 puts the see-through side panel on the right side of the case, allowing PC builders an opportunity to go for a different, right side set up.

Overall, this case provides a healthy living condition for your precious graphics card, easy cable management, and elegant modern design at a fair price.

Fanatic PC builders, gaming PC lovers, don't miss out on this desktop beauty!